Frisco Spine offers a comprehensive multidisciplinary team approach to neck and back pain through a team of neurosurgeons and neurologist specializing in the treatment of spinal disorders. We are a spine center where conservative management is always emphasized first, yet surgical options are also available.

Through conservative non-surgical treatment, we can help patients return to normal activity quickly, with minimal to zero recovery needed. Surgical options allow us, when necessary, to provide solutions to more complex conditions.

If you suffer from neck and back pain and require treatment, we want to help. Seek the treatment that you deserve – contact our team of professionals at Frisco Spine today.

Paul Salinas, MD
Board Certified Neurosurgeon

Fernando Castaneda, PA-C
Physician Assistant

Joseph K. Vaughan, MD
Board Certified Neurologist

Jenessa McKray, NP-C
Nurse Practitioner

David L. Masel, MD
Board Certified Neurosurgeon

Ashley Jacob, PA-C
Physician Assistant