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Frisco Spine - Brain and Spine Surgeons
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by Tom Hollenshead on Frisco Spine - Brain and Spine Surgeons
Review for: Dr. Masel

In the last year I have required two surgeries performed by Dr. Masel. The first being February 17, 2018 which was a laminectomy and a spinal fusion of L4 and L5 on Dec 12, 2018. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Masel, his MA Jessica and the entire clinic staff. In February I spent three nights in hospital and in December two. Having never had major surgery before, I was naturally concerned before each surgery. However after the first one in February I had complete confidence in Dr Masel. I am now free of nerve pain for the first time in six years. Dr. Masel explained everything before each surgery as to how long I would have post surgery pain and discomfort and what to expect. It has now been almost 7 weeks since the last surgery and just about all post op pain has ended. I am still getting my strength back but as in the first surgery in February everything is on schedule. At two months I expect to be back doing just about anything I want to do. I am 76 yrs old and wish I had done this 6 years earlier. I highly recommend Dr Masel, Jessica and the staff at Frisco Spine. All phone calls were returned in a timely manner and all questions answered before and after each surgery.

by Carolyn Badaracco on Frisco Spine - Brain and Spine Surgeons
Review for: Dr. Paul Salinas

I have had neck surgery and a 3L fusion and I recommend him fully. Personally have handed out his card and info to everyone that ask me for someone abilities.

by Jasen L. Hampton on Frisco Spine - Brain and Spine Surgeons
Review for: Paul Salinas

I remember Paul asking me, "what hospital do you perfer to have your surgery at"? Of coarse I expected the personal and professionalism that I got, but the over-the-top approach I got concerning my surgery was beyond my expectations. From the office visits to the Pre-Op to surgery and even after the entire team of Paul Salinas was by far the "A" team. I cannot thank Frisco Spine enough along with a personal shout out to Paul. I lived with a Bull riding injury that severely handicapped my limitations to say the least. I felt like an 80 year old man, and I had the surgery when I was 38 years old. The state-of-the-art technology along with the most advanced knowledge has brought me to highly recommend Frico Spine to anyone. I highly suggest to look up Paul Silinas' reviews online, and ask anyone who has used him, as thier surgeon. Iam one that can for sure vouch for his qualifications and experience.

by Faye Gaddis on Frisco Spine - Brain and Spine Surgeons
Review for: Paul Salinas, MD

Dr. Salinas is the most compassionate man. His skills are amazing and if you have to have surgery, pick this one.

by Roger Burke on Frisco Spine - Brain and Spine Surgeons
Review for: Frisco Office, Dr. Gary Dennis

“So how did you break your neck?” Just lucky, I guess. Actually at least twice, literally and figuratively. The literal break was a type-3 ontoid process fracture of the C-2 vertebra with 1mm displacement – kind of dicey at only 2 degrees of Kevin Bacon from the brain stem. Our out-state daughter,a neurologist who does interventional spinal procedures, has close relationships with some highly regarded local neurosurgeons. Unfortunately it’s difficult to start researching those on an emergency room table at 9 o’clock on a Saturday night. So the second (figurative) break was their finding Dr. Dennis, who I later learned is recognized for his advocacy of quality care for all, to sprint over on short notice. Knowing this was one of the two fractures that quadriplegicized the actor Christopher Reeve, with whom I had worked, my third break was Dr. Dennis’ MRI-assisted diagnosis of no spinal cord damage, no paralysis so far, and therefore no surgery required. Prognosis for full recovery, as long as I continued for 3 months to sport this stylish-yet-formidable, semi-immobilizing, halo brace haberdashery he installed Sunday morning and reassuringly returned to check up on after midnight. So far, so good; “liftoff” is tentatively scheduled in only 2 more weeks. Care, support and advice throughout has been such that this entirely bearable experience required only 2 hydrocodone and 3 Ibuprofen throughout. Oh, the 3rd fortuitous break? Only after physical therapists Dr. D. set us up with began inquiring, “So have you always walked like that?” did I discover this previously undiagnosed locomotive imbalance issue was undoubtedly the common factor in the myriad falls, rib and nose fractures, sprains and contusions, Iong suffered on a regular basis. It took 70 years and a broken neck, but with the P.T. now continuing I may not have to look forward to more “interesting” tumbles. In Louisiana, that’s called a lagniappe.

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