Free MRI Review for New Patients! 

Get an expert opinion on your images. 

The neurosurgical experts at Frisco Spine specialize in minimally invasive and complex surgical procedures for the treatment of: degenerative disc disease, sciatica, scoliosis, disc herniation, spinal stenosis, spinal deformities, spine tumors, cranial and brain disorders – including brain and skull base tumors, hydrocephalus, and traumatic injuries, and more. 

With a focus on meeting and exceeding your expectations, including an accurate diagnosis and appropriate nonsurgical and surgical treatment plans, a FREE MRI scan review can be the first step in preserving and recuperating your ability to return to your expected lifestyle.

Please allow us 7-10 business day to review your images. Our providers will create a plan of action and our office will contact you to discuss your options! 

Request your free, expert MRI image review:

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Submit the following via mail:

CD of your images (MRI, CT, X-rays)

Frisco Spine 
8350 Dallas Parkway, Suite 200
Frisco, TX 75034




Upload the following or also mail:

Copy of your imaging report

Copy of your insurance card

 Complete new patient paperwork


Do I have to fax and mail my information?

Yes, both.

In order to protect your privacy and provide a comprehensive review of your imaging, at this time, we need your information uploaded and mailed to Frisco Spine. For quickest response, please upload your imaging report above.

Please mail your CD/imaging disc to:

Frisco Spine 
8350 Dallas Parkway, Suite 200
Frisco, TX 75034

If you are in North Texas, you may also drop off your CD/imaging disc at this address.

Please also upload or mail with your imaging disc:

  • a copy of your insurance card
  • a copy of your imaging report
  • your completed new patient paperwork.

If you are in North Texas, you may also drop off your information at the above address.


Why should I submit my scans for review if I already have an imaging report?

For our neurosurgical experts to initiate a treatment plan, they need to see your imaging. For example, the imaging will be able to show the neurosurgeons the degree of slipped disc, pinched nerve, or disc herniation. Please include your imaging report with your images.


I had an MRI, but I do not have my images.

An MRI comes with a written report and CD/image disc. If you did not get either one of these records, please contact the facility where you got the MRI, and request your CD/imaging disc and imaging report. If you are unable to upload or mail your imaging report, you can call the facility where you got your MRI and request that they fax the imaging report and mail your imaging disc to Frisco Spine.  


How long will it take for my scans to be reviewed?

Once your information is received, it will be reviewed as efficiently as possible. The team at Frisco Spine will be back in contact within two weeks of reviewing your imaging.


How will I be contacted? 

The team at Frisco Spine will call or email you within 2 weeks of reviewing your images. 


I am already a Frisco Spine patient.

If you are already a patient, then the neurosurgeons have already reviewed your images. Please contact the office at (972) 377-9200 to schedule your follow-up appointment.


I do not have any imaging, but I’m looking for a board-certified neurosurgeon.

You’ve come to the right place. Please contact the office at (972) 377-9200 to schedule your initial appointment.


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