Physical Therapy

Helping you Regain Comfort and Alleviate Pain

Physical therapy at our spine center in the Dallas area can help you live your life free of pain and with greater independence. Therapy is generally required for patients who are suffering from disabling diseases, medical conditions that impair function, or the effects of a major injury or accident, as well as those who have recently had surgery. In some cases, physical therapy may be necessary to teach a patient how to function within the limitations of their condition so that their quality of life is not compromised.

We believe in the importance of educating our patients about their conditions and why specific treatments are prescribed. By explaining, in-depth, what your body needs in order to function properly, we can help you understand the importance of therapy as it pertains to your everyday life. Our team is compassionate and approachable and will always treat you with the highest level of respect and courtesy. Our goal is to help you regain as much of your mobility as possible while letting you know that you have a support system in us.

The Difference between Occupational and Physical Therapy

Many patients don’t understand the differences between occupational therapy and physical therapy and how each is used to rehabilitate patients. Occupational therapy helps patients regain their motor functions and get back to performing everyday tasks. Our friendly occupational therapists will work with you to restore your dexterity and increase your strength so that carrying out daily, essential tasks can be done more easily. At Frisco Spine, our team works with a wide range of impaired patients. Whether a patient is suffering from mental, physical, or developmental conditions, we offer a variety of treatments designed to restore his or her skills, independence, and confidence.

On the other hand, physical therapy focuses on improving physical movement. If your ability to move has been limited because of injury, surgery, or a medical or a developmental condition, then physical therapy may be right for you. Our certified physical therapists will work diligently to develop a tailored treatment plan that specifically addresses each and every one of your needs. We will work hand and hand with you and other specialists to prevent loss of mobility. Since physical therapy is most commonly used as a pain management tactic, it can be successful if a patient remains committed to participating wholeheartedly in the activities and works within the plan that our specialists set forth.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

By evaluating your needs and listening to your personal story, our physicians can precisely target the joints, tendons, nerves, or bones and muscles that harbor your pain. In most cases, physical therapy at our Dallas area centers can:

  • Manage pain
  • Relieve symptoms
  • Possibly eliminate the need for surgery
  • Increase your range of motion
  • Strengthen your entire body
  • Treat injured joints, bones, muscles, and tendons
  • Correct improper movements
  • Be repeated if it was once effective and a patient’s injury recurs
  • Be done in the convenience of your home once you have received proper instructions from a certified therapist

Responding to Treatment

In order for physical therapy at our Dallas area center to be effective and for your body to respond well, you must be willing to dedicate your time to treatment. Our world-class physical therapists will have your best interests in mind when configuring your treatment plan. They will compassionately work alongside you, lending their support, advice, guidance, and motivation every step of the way. It is essential for you to follow the specific instructions of your physical therapists so that your exercises won’t inhibit your ability to heal. Our therapists recommend that patients do physical therapy exercises for one hour, three times a week for at least six weeks. It is important to remember that not everyone’s body heals at the same rate, so it is important that you know your body’s limitations before you push your body too far.

Learn More about Your Options

We want to help you manage your pain, regain your strength, and recapture your confidence. If you are traveling to our Spine Center for surgery but do not live in the Dallas, Plano, or Frisco area and need occupational or physical therapy, our specialists will help you find trusted, certified therapists that are located near you. Contact us today to learn more about our non-surgical treatment options!

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