Selective Nerve Root Injection: Minimally Invasive Diagnosis and Treatment

What is Selective Nerve Root Injection?

Also known as selective nerve root block (SNRB) injections, this procedure serves two major purposes: to diagnose a specific source of pain, and to provide therapeutic relief. The minimally invasive procedure generally takes less than half an hour, and involves delivering medication directly to the affected nerve roots. During the procedure, the nerve is accessed at the point where it exits the foramen, or opening between the vertebrae.

SNRB as a Diagnostic Tool

Pain, discomfort, tingling, and loss of sensation in the extremities is often caused by compressed or inflamed nerve roots. Foraminal stenosis, for example, occurs when the canal housing a nerve becomes more narrow, causing pain and other symptoms that can radiate as far the calf or foot. SNRB may be recommended to determine the cause of pain if other methods, including an imaging study or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, have failed to provide a diagnosis.

Treatment Applications

SNRB is commonly used to treat conditions of the lower back, including far lateral disc herniation, or a disc that ruptures outside of the spinal canal. During the procedure, a mixture of a steroids and lidocaine (a numbing agent) are directly injected into the affected nerve root. The procedure may be monitored using fluoroscopy, a type of live x-ray. If the correct nerve is injected, the anti-inflammatory effects of the steroid will provide pain relief. Additional injections may be administered, but it is typically recommended that a patient undergo no more than three SNRB a year.

Expert Care You Can Trust

Although SNRB injections are extremely safe, you can minimize the risk of complications by choosing an experienced physician to perform your procedure. If it is incorrectly administered, SNRB has the potential to temporarily increase a patient’s pain. If SNRB fails to provide relief, our doctors may perform surgical treatments. We also offer additional non-surgical therapies that may help address your pain.

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