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Frisco Spine - Brain and Spine Surgeons
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 by Carolyn Adams
Review for: Dr Salinas

Dr Salinas and all of his staff are incredible! Wish I could give more than 5 stars! I have a rare condition where Dr Salinas placed a vp shunt on me twice.. they are so compassionate and didn’t hesitate when I knew something was wrong and needed a revision. He is a very talented surgeon ! Ashley and Janeska are wonderful as well!! Well worth the drive if you are wanted a great facility to visit

 by Susan Ebert
Review for: Dr. Paul Salinas

I suffered for years with lower back pain. I made 3 trips to the ER this year dealing with severe intermittent back pain which has plagued me at inopportune times since junior high. I never experienced pain down my leg until the most recent trip to the ER. Lucky for me, after an MRI of my lumbar spine, Dr. Paul Salinas was called in to treat me surgically. I am still healing from surgery, but the leg pain is completely gone. My lower.back is still healing from the surgery, but I have every expectation that I will be pain free soon.

 by Kimberly Naylor
Review for: Dr Salinas

I met Dr. Salinas after being admitted into the hospital from the emergency room in excruciating pain. After reviewing my MRI, Dr. Salinas explained details of the lower back surgery should I elect to have it. He completely answered all my questions thus easing my fears. His staff was efficient and friendly post surgery. Amazingly this all occurred literally two days before Christmas, with surgery first thing the day after! Best Christmas gift ever since I am now pain free and mobile again. Thank you all.

 by Alicia Whaling
Review for: Dr. Salinas

In 2012 i was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation, which is a syndrome that includes symptoms like extreme and often debilitating headaches. My C-Spine surgery was scheduled with Dr. Salinas for a coming morning (approximately 7-8am), however the surgery was rescheduled several times due to emergencies.

Around 10pm, he comes in and asks if I wanted to proceed with surgery or reschedule. I asked him the only question that mattered to me: Do you feel capable of operating? Without hesitation, he answered yes, so away we went!

I had a difficult recovery, but one I was healed, I noticed a DRASTIC reduction in my headaches... both in the frequency, and the severity. I went from spending up to 2 weeks in the hospital, just so they could TRY to manage my pain, to noticing a *slight* headache a few times a month... then slowly down to one every few months! Dr. Salinas may not have "saved" my life, but he absolutely gave my life back to ME, rather than being controlled by pain!

My mother has also been a patient, both for her neck and back; and she sings his praises! We basically have started looking at him as family lol!

 by Harold Pitts
Review for: Dr. Paul Salinas

Dr. Paul Salinas is possibley the best Surgeon in the USA! He worked on my neck and back after about 17 years of being denied surgery from what every one that I could find reported were supposed to be the best Dr's around. Guess what, Dr. Paul Salinas operated on my back and for several years I felt like a human. If I would have just obeyed him I would still be fine! But I felt so good that I started picking up 200 to 400 lb items again. I am now back to horrible pain again. If I ever get a chance for Dr. Paul Salinas to fix it again I promise to try and do exactly as he advises! I truly believe he is a great Dr.

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