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Frisco Spine - Brain and Spine Surgeons
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by Harold Pitts on Frisco Spine - Brain and Spine Surgeons
Review for: Dr. Paul Salinas

Dr. Paul Salinas is possibley the best Surgeon in the USA! He worked on my neck and back after about 17 years of being denied surgery from what every one that I could find reported were supposed to be the best Dr's around. Guess what, Dr. Paul Salinas operated on my back and for several years I felt like a human. If I would have just obeyed him I would still be fine! But I felt so good that I started picking up 200 to 400 lb items again. I am now back to horrible pain again. If I ever get a chance for Dr. Paul Salinas to fix it again I promise to try and do exactly as he advises! I truly believe he is a great Dr.

by John Ford on Frisco Spine - Brain and Spine Surgeons
Review for: Dr vaughn

I am the fiancee of John Ford we love Dr Vaughn and their staff. I am Johns fiancee and i am so impressed with Dr Vaughn. I have been an Xray tech for 40 years and he didnt know it. I was aware of almost everything we talked about. He is right to point very professional a little rough around the edges but i like that. His staff is very professional not ready to take care of you and not about themselves. Tjasnk you for being there for John and I.

by Robert Tobias on Frisco Spine - Brain and Spine Surgeons
Review for: Dr. Salinas

The super kind, professional staff ensure that all info Dr. Salinas needs as he studies his new patients is unbelievable. Dr. Salinas puts you at ease with a great, candid personality that's gifted with Genius, so he offers options coupled with pros & cons. His team are Ambassadors of how a Neurologist clinic should be run right down to the intense cleanliness of the practice & his perfect staff. THE BEST in DFW!!

by Paul Fisher on Frisco Spine - Brain and Spine Surgeons
Review for: Dr. Salinas

Just had my fourth neck disc operation and as usual am completely satisfied with the outcome this far. Highly recommend Dr. Salinas for complicated surgery.

by Eunice Powell on Frisco Spine - Brain and Spine Surgeons
Review for: Dr. Paul Salinas

Dr. Paul Salinas performed lower back surgery or lower lumbar fusion on my back. The surgery was a complete success. If I had known that I would get so much relief, I would have had it done years earlier. after surgery, my pain was controlled and I was walking on the second day.

Now, as a lot of people do, I had lots of apprehension at first. People are quick to say, don't have back surgery, just endure the pain. I suffered for years.

When Dr. Salinas first had an MRI done, he told me the problem was fixable. Then he said I needed surgery to fix it. At first I was adamantly against surgery. But the pain was so unbearable and his advice and concern for my welfare was so great, until I agreed to the surgery.

Let me tell you this. His support staff was undeniably excellent. The neurosurgeon explained his role, the anesthesiologist explained his role, Dr. Salinas explained his role and I was completely at ease.

The surgery went well, my recovery went well and I am pain-free in my lower back. I haven't been pain free in years.

If you are having back woes, I would absolutely recommend Dr Paul Salinas. I have complete faith and trust in him,his profession and staff.

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