Treating Spine Pain Multiple Sclerosis MSMultiple sclerosis, or MS, is a chronic disease that damages the nervous system. While healthy individuals have a protective coating of a material known as myelin surrounding the nerves, those who suffer from MS have exposed nerves. MS breaks down the layer of myelin and leaves patients with unprotected nerves that do not work as well as they should. As a result, patients may experience a number of uncomfortable symptoms, including spine pain. Back pain treatment offered by our multidisciplinary team can relieve some of this pain and provide a greater degree of comfort for our patients. To undergo treatment for spine pain and MS at our Frisco practice, contact us today. Our team will do all they can to effectively treat this pain.

How MS Causes Back Pain

The exposed nerves in patients with MS result in a number of side effects, many of which may contribute to spine pain. Below are some of the ways in which MS can cause spine pain:

  • Muscle stiffness: Patients with MS often experience muscle stiffness. The less the muscles are used, the more uncomfortable they will be, thus creating pain in areas such as the back.
  • Immobility: As MS progresses, many patients are limited in their movement. This immobility can increase muscle stiffness and is a large contributor of back pain.
  • Improper use of mobility aids: It is normal for MS patients to require mobility aids such as canes or walkers to get around. If these devices are not used properly, they can tweak back muscles and lead to pain or soreness.
  • Poor posture: Even MS patients who have not progressed to the point that a mobility aid is needed likely have poor posture or bad balance. This throws off the patient’s walk and can cause back injury or general muscle pain.

These are causes of back pain that are a direct result of MS symptoms. However, MS can also cause back pain in those patients who already suffer from a back injury or spine pain. Because the nerves are damaged, MS patients may be less likely to compensate for and tolerate back pain as well as a healthy individual.

Treating Spine Pain

At Frisco Spine, we offer many treatment options for patients suffering from spine pain as a result of MS. The specific treatment plan for each patient will be determined after a thorough examination of the patient’s condition, as well as a discussion of overall health and current symptoms. We prefer to approach spine pain treatment conservatively and focus on non-surgical treatment options first. Patients may find some relief from pain through treatments such as physical therapy, pain medication, or injections. All of these options can be discussed in further detail at a consultation with one of our doctors.

Schedule a Consultation

If you suffer from multiple sclerosis and are experiencing back pain as a result, our doctors can discuss treatment options to restore a level of comfort to your life. Schedule an appointment with one of our experienced back doctors at your earliest convenience to learn more about our multidisciplinary treatment approach. We look forward to hearing from you.

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