Spine-Surgery-Risks-Diabetic-PatientsThe team at Frisco Spine offers state-of-the-art neck and back pain treatment, focusing on pain relief as well as restoration of mobility. Using advanced approaches to treating neck and back pain means that patients are more likely to make a full recovery and experience an enriching and full life again.

While the vertebrae and nerves of the spine can cause serious problems, there is a lot to be said about the muscles of the back as well. Let’s take a moment to consider muscle injuries and when surgical treatment may be necessary.

Muscle Issues Affecting the Spine

Many types of serious back pain and back problems are related to strained muscles. This is common in the lower back, which is the part of the body that bears the majority of a person’s weight. Most issues with muscle pain in the back or neck occur when a sudden movement or impact places major stress on the back.

With regard to muscle problems in the back, the most common kind of problem is a pulled muscle or strained muscle. This happens when a muscle in the back is stretched too far, resulting in damage and potential tears in the muscle fibers of the back.

Though not related to muscles, it’s also possible for a person to suffer from pulled ligaments. (Ligaments are the fibrous tissue that connects bones together.)

How Serious Can Muscle Injuries Be?

Muscle strains can result in severe pain and inflammation in the back. The injury can lead to muscle spasms that can be very uncomfortable and that can make movement difficult. Many people who experience a pulled back muscle visit the emergency room due to the amount of pain experienced.

Is Surgery Necessary for Back and Neck Muscle Injuries?

In most cases, surgery is not necessary from a back muscle injury unless the muscle fibers themselves have been torn or severely damaged in some way.

Most cases of muscle strain in the back and neck can be address through a combination of pain mediation, anti-inflammatory drugs, muscles relaxants, cold compresses, heat therapy, and massage therapy. Stretch and core exercises can then be recommended to strength the muscles that have been affected.

During a consultation, we can determine if conservative approached to muscle pain are a good option, or if surgery may be ideal for your needs given the circumstances.

What to Expect During Surgery

The exact nature of your surgery for a pulled back or neck muscle can vary. Surgeons will work carefully to repair the damaged muscle tissue and leave minimal scars whenever possible. Recovery from the surgery can take some time depending on its extent and the muscle or muscles affected.

Following recovery from the surgery, patients are often given advice on avoiding future muscle injuries as well as tips on exercises that can prevent any back injuries in the future.

We will be sure to provide you with full pre-op and post-op instructions for your muscle surgery as part of the consultation process. We’ll also answer any questions you may have about the process so you have realistic expectations about what to expect.

Contact the Team at Frisco Spine

To learn more about surgical treatments for serious issues that affect the structures of the back, neck, and spinal cord, we encourage you to contact our neck and back pain center today. The entire team at Frisco Spine looks forward to your visit and helping you achieve total wellness.

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